That part of the fetus presenting at the superior strait of the maternal pelvis; occiput, chin, and sacrum are, respectively, the determining points in vertex, face, and breech p.. SEE ALSO: position (3).position. [see present]
- acromion p. SYN: shoulder p..
- breech p. p. of any part of the pelvic extremity of the fetus, the nates, knees, or feet; more properly only of the nates; frank breech p. occurs when the fetus presents by the pelvic extremity; the thighs may be flexed and the legs extended over the anterior surfaces of the body; in full breech p., the thighs may be flexed on the abdomen and the legs upon the thighs; and in footling p., foot p., the feet may be the lowest part; in incomplete foot p., incomplete knee p., one leg may retain the position that is typical of one of the above-mentioned presentations, while the other foot or knee may present. SYN: pelvic p..
- brow p. cephalic p..
- cephalic p. p. of any part of the fetal head, usually the upper and back part, as a result of flexion such that the chin is in contact with the thorax in vertex p.; there may be degrees of flexion so that the presenting part is the large fontanel in sincipital p., the brow in brow p., or the face in face p.. SYN: head p..
- compound p. prolapse of an extremity, usually a hand, along the presenting part, with both in the pelvis simultaneously.
- face p. cephalic p..
- footling p. breech p..
- frank breech p. See breech p..
- head p. SYN: cephalic p..
- incomplete foot p. breech p..
- knee p. breech p..
- pelvic p. SYN: breech p..
- placental p. SYN: placenta previa.
- polar p. the p. of either pole of the fetal oval; may be either a cephalic or breech p., or a longitudinal lie.
- shoulder p. transverse p. with the shoulder as the presenting part. SYN: acromion p..
- transverse p. an abnormal p., neither head nor breech, in which the fetus lies transversely in the uterus across the axis of the parturient canal.
- vertex p. cephalic p..

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pre·sen·ta·tion .prē-.zen-'tā-shən, .prez-ən- n
1) the position in which the fetus lies in the uterus in labor with respect to the opening of the uterus <face \presentation> <a breech \presentation>
2) appearance in conscious experience either as a sensory product or as a memory image
3) a presenting symptom or group of symptoms <clinical \presentation of arthritis>
4) a formal oral report of a patient's medical history

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the part of the fetus that is closest to the birth canal and can be felt on inserting a finger into the vagina. Normally the head presents (cephalic presentation). However, the buttocks may present (see breech presentation) or, if the fetus lies transversely across the uterus, the shoulder or arm may present. In placenta praevia the placenta may lie in front of the presenting fetal part. These abnormal presentations may cause complications during childbirth, and attempts may be made to correct them.

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pre·sen·ta·tion (pre″zən-taґshən) [L. praesentatio] 1. the act or process of presenting; see antigen p. 2. in obstetrics, that portion of the fetus that is touched by the examining finger through the cervix or, during labor, is bounded by the girdle of resistance.

Presentations of the fetus. (A), Face presentation; (B), brow presentation; (C), vertex presentation; (D), breech presentation; (E), shoulder presentation.

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