After childbirth. Cf.:antepartum, intrapartum. [L. partus, birth (noun), fr. pario, pp. partus, to bring forth]

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post·par·tum (')pōst-'pärt-əm adj
1) occurring in or being the period following parturition <\postpartum depression>
2) being in the postpartum period <\postpartum mothers>
postpartum adv after parturition <a blood sample taken 14 days \postpartum> <an infection occurred three weeks \postpartum>

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relating to the period of a few days immediately after birth.

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post·par·tum (pōst-pahrґtəm) occurring after childbirth, or after delivery, with reference to the mother. Cf. postnatal.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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