A reaction in which a high molecular weight product is produced by successive additions to or condensations of a simpler compound; e.g., polystyrene may be produced from styrene, or rubber from isoprene, or a polynucleotide from mononucleotides, or microtubules from tubulin.

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po·ly·mer·iza·tion also Brit po·ly·mer·isa·tion pə-.lim-ə-rə-'zā-shən, .päl-ə-mə-rə- n
1) a chemical reaction in which two or more small molecules combine to form larger molecules that contain repeating structural units of the original molecules compare ASSOCIATION (4)
2) reduplication of parts in an organism

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po·lym·er·iza·tion (pə-lim″ər-ĭ-zaґshən) the act or process of forming a compound (polymer), usually of high molecular weight, by the combination of simpler molecules (monomers).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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