A patchy absence or lessening of melanin in hair of the scalp, brows, or lashes, due to lack of pigment in the epidermis; it occurs in several hereditary syndromes but may be caused by inflammation, irradiation, or infection such as herpes zoster. SYN: trichopoliosis. [G., fr. polios, gray]
- ciliary p. SYN: piebald eyelash.

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po·li·o·sis .pō-lē-'ō-səs n, pl -o·ses -.sēz loss of color from the hair

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po·li·o·sis (po″le-oґsis) [Gr. polios gray] circumscribed depigmentation and graying of the hair, particularly of the scalp, in association with a pathologic condition. Cf. leukotrichia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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