A fungus found worldwide. In the USA, it is so common in the Midwest that in parts of Kentucky and Tennessee nearly 90% of adults show evidence of exposure (with a positive histoplasma skin test). It is carried in bird and bat droppings, and deposited in the soil. Although people can contract histoplasma from their environment, it cannot be passed from person to person.

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his·to·plas·ma .his-tə-'plaz-mə n
1) cap a genus of imperfect fungi that includes one (H. capsulatum) causing histoplasmosis and another (H. farciminosum) causing epizootic lymphangitis
2) any fungus of the genus Histoplasma

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a genus of parasitic yeastlike fungi. The species H. capsulatum causes the respiratory infection histoplasmosis.

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His·to·plas·ma (his″to-plazґmə) a genus of Fungi Imperfecti of the form-class Hyphomycetes, form-family Moniliaceae.

Histoplasma causing laminated granuloma of lung.

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