Inflammation of the lungs. SEE ALSO: pneumonia. SYN: pulmonitis. [G. pneumon, lung, + -itis, inflammation]
- acute interstitial p. usually considered a form of hypersensitivity p..
- hypersensitivity p. chronic progressive form of pneumonia with wheezing, dyspnea, diffuse infiltrates seen on radiographs; occurs following exposure to any of a variety of antigens, sometimes occupational, and many names are given to cases with known types of exposure (such as farmer's lung, maple bark stripper's lung, chicken plucker's lung, bagassosis, byssinosis, and humidifier lung); biopsy findings usually show patchy infiltration of alveolar walls with lymphocytes, plasma cells, and other inflammatory cells; can progress to irreversible interstitial fibrotic disease with restrictive pattern on pulmonary function, but in early disease most manifestations are reversible if offending antigen is identified and removed from environment.
- lymphocytic interstitial p. a rare disease characterized by interstitial accumulation of lymphocytes in the lungs and late fibrosis; usually a result of a lymphoma, occasionally seen in AIDS, especially in children; sometimes seen as an autoimmune disorder. SYN: lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, lymphoid interstitial pneumonia.
- uremic p. SYN: uremic lung.

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pneu·mo·ni·tis .n(y)ü-mə-'nīt-əs n, pl -nit·i·des -'nit-ə-.dēz
1) a disease characterized by inflammation of the lungs esp PNEUMONIA

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inflammation of the lung that is confined to the walls of the air sacs (alveoli) and often caused by viruses or unknown agents. It may be acute and transient or chronic, leading to increasing respiratory disability. It does not respond to antibiotics but corticosteroids may be helpful. Compare pneumonia.

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pneu·mo·ni·tis (noo″mo-niґtis) [pneumon- + -itis] inflammation of the lungs. See also pneumonia.

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