1. SYN: fovea. 2. One of the pinhead-sized depressed scars following the pustule of acne, chickenpox, or smallpox (pockmark). 3. A sharp-pointed depression in the enamel surface of a tooth, due to faulty or incomplete calcification or formed at the confluent point of two or more lobes of enamel. 4. To indent, as by pressure of the finger on the edematous skin; to become indented, said of the edematous tissues when pressure is applied with the fingertip. [L. puteus]
- anal p. SYN: proctodeum (1).
- articular p. of head of radius SYN: articular facet of radial head.
- p. of atlas for dens SYN: facet (of atlas) for dens.
- auditory pits SYN: otic pits.
- buccal p. a structural depression found on the buccal enamel of molars.
- central p. SYN: central retinal fovea.
- coated p. specialized depressions on the cell surface involved in receptor-mediated endocytosis; the visible proteinaceous layer on the cytosolic side of the depression provides the coated appearance.
- commisural pits similar to lip pits but found at the labial commisures.
- gastric p. [TA] one of the numerous small pits in the mucous membrane of the stomach that are the mouths of the gastric glands. SYN: foveola gastrica [TA].
- granular pits SYN: granular foveolae, under foveola.
- p. of head of femur SYN: fovea for ligament of head of femur.
- inferior articular p. of atlas SYN: inferior articular surface of atlas.
- inferior costal p. SYN: inferior costal facet.
- iris pits colobomas affecting the stroma of the iris with pigment epithelium intact.
- lens pits the paired depressions formed in the superficial ectoderm of the embryonic head as the lens placodes sink in toward the optic cup; the external openings of the pits are closed as the lens vesicles are formed.
- lip pits malformations of the lip seen in unilateral or bilateral depressions or fistulae. May be hereditary or associated with cleft lip and/or palate.
- Mantoux p. shallow 2–3-mm depressions of the palms and soles in basal cell nevus syndrome.
- nail pits small punctate depressions on the surface of the nail plate due to defective nail formation; seen in psoriasis and other disorders. SEE ALSO: geographic stippling of nails.
- nasal pits the paired depressions formed when the nasal placodes come to lie below the general external contour of the developing face as a result of the rapid growth of the adjacent nasal elevations; the pits are the primordia of the rostral portions of the nasal chambers. SYN: olfactory pits.
- oblong p. of arytenoid cartilage SYN: oblong fovea of arytenoid cartilage.
- olfactory pits SYN: nasal pits.
- optic p. a congenital anomaly characterized by a focal depression of the temporal optic nerve head.
- otic pits paired depression, one on either side of the head of the embryo, marking the location of the future auditory vesicles. SYN: auditory pits.
- preauricular p. SYN: preauricular sinus.
- primitive p. the depression in the primitive node that serves to connect the notochordal canal with the surface ectoderm.
- pterygoid p. SYN: pterygoid fovea.
- p. of stomach SYN: epigastric fossa.
- sublingual p. SYN: sublingual fossa.
- superior articular p. of atlas SYN: superior articular surface of atlas.
- superior costal p. SYN: superior costal facet.
- suprameatal p. SYN: suprameatal triangle.
- triangular p. of arytenoid cartilage SYN: triangular fovea of arytenoid cartilage.
- trochlear p. SYN: trochlear fovea.
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pacing-induced tachycardia; patella inhibition test; pericranial injection therapy; picture identification test; pitocin; pitressin; plasma iron turnover

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pit 'pit n a hollow or indentation esp. in a surface of an organism: as
a) a natural hollow in the surface of the body
b) one of the indented scars left in the skin by a pustular disease: POCKMARK
c) a usu. developmental imperfection in the enamel of a tooth that takes the form of a small pointed depression
pit vb, pit·ted; pit·ting vt to make pits in esp to scar or mark with pits <a face pitted by acne> vi to become marked with pits esp to preserve for a time an indentation made by pressure <a swollen area on the gingiva which \pits readily (A. B. Wade)>

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(in anatomy) a hollow or depression, such as any of the depressions on the surface of an embryo marking the site of future organs.

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plasma iron turnover.

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