An alkaloid of physostigma; it is a reversible inhibitor of the cholinesterases, and prevents destruction of acetylcholine; used as a cholinergic agent, and experimentally to enhance the action of acetylcholine at any of its sites of liberation. SYN: eserine.
- p. salicylate used by conjunctival instillation to reduce tension in glaucoma, in the treatment of postoperative intestinal atony and urinary retention, in the management of myasthenia gravis, and to counteract excessive doses of tubocurarine; also available as p. sulfate, with the same uses. SYN: eserine salicylate.

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phy·so·stig·mine .fī-sə-'stig-.mēn n a tasteless crystalline alkaloid with anticholinesterase activity that is obtained from Calabar beans and is used parenterally in the form of its salicylate C15H21N3O2·C7H6O3 esp. to reverse the toxic effects of an anticholinergic agent (as atropine) and topically in the form of its sulfate (C15H21N3O2)2·H2SO3 as a miotic in the treatment of glaucoma called also eserine

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phy·so·stig·mine (fi″zo-stigґmēn) [USP] a cholinergic alkaloid having anticholinesterase activity and obtained from the dried ripe seed (Calabar bean) of Physostigma venenosum; used topically to produce miosis and decrease of intraocular pressure in glaucoma and parenterally to reverse the central nervous system effects produced by overdosage of anticholinergic drugs (anticholinergic syndrome). Called also eserine.

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