Enlargement of the liver and spleen. The word “hepatosplenomegaly” is compounded from Greek roots: “hepato-“ from “hepatikos” (of the liver) + “spleno” from “splen” (the spleen) + “megaly” from “megas” (big or great) = bigness of the liver and spleen.
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Enlargement of the liver and spleen. SYN: hepatolienomegaly. [hepato- + G. splen, spleen, + megas, large]

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he·pa·to·spleno·meg·a·ly -splen-ō-'meg-ə-lē n, pl -lies coincident enlargement of the liver and spleen

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hep·a·to·sple·no·meg·a·ly (hep″ə-to-sple″no-megґə-le) [hepato- + spleno- + -megaly] enlargement of the liver and spleen; called also splenohepatomegaly.

Massive hepatosplenomegaly demonstrated by CT scan in a patient with severe malarial anemia due to Plasmodium falciparum infection.

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