The univalent moiety, C6H5–, of benzene.
- p. alcohol SYN: phenol.
- p. aminosalicylate a second-line antituberculosis drug with a high incidence of hypersensitivity reactions and gastrointestinal upset.
- p. salicylate the salicylic ester of phenol; the phenylic ester of salicylic acid; an intestinal analgesic and antipyretic; it has been used in the treatment of rheumatism, diarrhea, and pharyngitis, as an enteric coating for tablets, and in ointments for sunburn prevention. SYN: salol.

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phe·nyl 'fen-əl, 'fēn-, Brit also 'fē-.nīl n a monovalent group C6H5 that is an aryl group derived from benzene by removal of one hydrogen atom often used in combination <phenylalanine>

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phen·yl (Ph) (fenґəl) (feґnəl) the monovalent radical C6H5, derived from benzene by removal of hydrogen. phenylic adj

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