Bright red blood in the stool, usually from the lower gastrointestinal tract — the colon or rectum — or from hemorrhoids. The term "hematochezia" is rarely used. "Bright red blood in the stool" is more widely used (and understood).
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Passage of bloody stools, in contradistinction to melena, or tarry stools. [hemato- + G. chezo, to go to stool]

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he·ma·to·che·zia or chiefly Brit hae·ma·to·che·zia .hē-mə-tə-'kē-zē-əalso .hem-ə-; hi-.mat-ə- n the passage of blood in the feces compare MELENA

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he·ma·to·che·zia (he″mə-to-) (hem″ə-to-keґzhə) [hemato- + Gr. chezein to defecate] presence of blood in the feces.

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