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peri·os·te·itis (per″e-os″te-iґtis) periostitis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Periostitis — Inflammation of the periosteum, a dense membrane composed of fibrous connective tissue that closely wraps (invests) all bone, except the bone of articulating surfaces in joints which are covered by synovial membranes. The word periotitis may seem …   Medical dictionary

  • osteoperiostitis — Inflammation of the periosteum and of the underlying bone. * * * os·teo·peri·os·ti·tis .äs tē ō .per ē .äs tīt əs n inflammation of a bone and its periosteum * * * os·teo·peri·os·ti·tis (os″te o per″e os tiґtis) [osteo + periostitis]… …   Medical dictionary

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