A birth irregularity where a localized tissue mass grows rich in small blood vessels. Capillary hemangiomas are composed nearly entirely of tiny capillary vessels. Cavernous hemangiomas are composed of blood- filled "lakes" and channels. An hemangioma may be visible through the skin as a birthmark, known colloquially as a “strawberry mark.” Most hemangiomas that occur at birth disappear after a few months or years.
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A congenital anomaly, in which proliferation of blood vessel s leads to a mass that resembles a neoplasm; it can occur anywhere in the body but is most frequently noticed in the skin and subcutaneous tissues; most hemangiomas undergo spontaneouos regression. SEE ALSO: nevus. [hemangio- + G. -oma, tumor]
- capillary h. an overgrowth of capillary blood vessel s, seen most commonly in the skin, at or soon after birth, as a soft bright red to purple nodule or plaque that usually disappears by the fifth year. The most common type of h.. SYN: capillary angioma, capillary h. of infancy, nevus vascularis, nevus vasculosus, superficial angioma.
- capillary h. of infancy SYN: capillary h..
- cavernous h. old term for deep cutaneous h. that manifests spontaneous involution. Also used incorrectly for venous malformation.
- lobular capillary h. SYN: pyogenic granuloma.
- racemose h. SYN: cirsoid aneurysm.
- sclerosing h. 1. a benign lung or bronchial lesion, often subpleural, sometimes multiple, which forms hyalinized connective tissue. 2. SYN: dermatofibroma.
- senile h. red papules caused by weakening of dermal capillary walls, that do not blanch on pressure, seen mostly in persons over 30 years of age. SYN: cherry angioma, De Morgan spots.
- spider h. SYN: spider angioma.
- strawberry h. hyperproliferation of immature capillary vessels, usually on the head and neck, present at birth or within the first 2–3 months postnatally, which commonly regresses without scar formation.
- verrucous h. incorrect term for cutaneous vascular malformation comprised of abnormal capillaries and lymphatics.

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hem·an·gi·o·ma or chiefly Brit haem·an·gi·o·ma .hē-.man-jē-'ō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a usu. benign tumor made up of blood vessels that typically occurs as a purplish or reddish slightly elevated area of skin

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he·man·gi·o·ma (he-man″je-oґmə) [hem- + angioma] 1. a common type of vascular malformation, usually seen in infancy and childhood, consisting of newly formed blood vessels that result from malformation of angioblastic tissue of fetal life. There are two main types: capillary hemangiomas and cavernous hemangiomas. 2. a general term denoting a benign or malignant vascular malformation that resembles the classic type of hemangioma but occurs at any age. Cf. angioma and lymphangioma.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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