1. A pilule, or very small pill. 2. A small rod-shaped or ovoid dosage form that is sterile and is composed essentially of pure steroid hormones in compressed form, intended for subcutaneous implantation in body tissues; serves as a depot providing for the slow release of the hormone over an extended period of time. [Fr. pelote; L. pila, a ball]

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pel·let 'pel-ət n a usu. small rounded or spherical body specif a small cylindrical or ovoid compressed mass (as of a hormone) that is implanted subcutaneously for slow absorption into bodily tissues

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pel·let (pelґət) 1. a small pill or granule, such as a small rod- or ovoid-shaped, sterile mass composed of essentially pure steroid hormones, to be implanted under the skin to provide for their slow absorption. 2. a small pill made from sucrose and impregnated with a medicine, used in homeopathy.

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