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Doctor of Pharmacy; Dublin Pharmacopoeia; interpupillary distance; Paget disease; pancreas divisum; pancreatic duct; panic disorder; papilla diameter; paralyzing dose; Parkinson disease; parkinsonian dementia; paroxysmal discharge; pars distalis; patent ductus; patient day; pediatric, pediatrics; percentage difference; percutaneous discectomy; percutaneous drain; peritoneal dialysis; personal database; personality disorder; pharmacodynamics; phenyldichlorarsine; phosphate dehydrogenase; phosphate dextrose; photodiode; photosensitivity dermatitis; Pick disease; plasma defect; pneumatic dilatation; polymeric diet; poorly differentiated; postdischarge; posterior descending; posterior division; postnasal drainage; postural drainage; potential difference; pregnanediol; present disease; pressor dose; prism diopter; problem drinker; program director; progression of disease; progressive disease; proliferative disease; protein degradation; protein diet; proton density; psychotic depression; pulmonary disease; pulpodistal; pulse duplicator; pulse duration; pulsed diastolic; pulsed Doppler [wave]; pupil diameter; pupillary distance; pyloric dilator; pyrimidine dimer

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PD abbr
1) interpupillary distance
2) Parkinson's disease
3) peritoneal dialysis

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prism diopter; interpupillary distance; peritoneal dialysis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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