SYN: wall. [L. wall]
- p. anterior gastris [TA] SYN: anterior wall of stomach.
- p. anterior vaginae [TA] SYN: anterior wall of vagina.
- p. caroticus cavi tympani [TA] SYN: carotid wall of tympanic cavity.
- p. externus ductus cochlearis [TA] SYN: external surface of cochlear duct.
- p. inferior orbitae [TA] SYN: floor of orbit.
- p. jugularis cavi tympani [TA] SYN: jugular wall of middle ear.
- p. labyrinthicus cavi tympani [TA] SYN: labyrinthine wall of tympanic cavity.
- p. lateralis orbitae [TA] SYN: lateral wall of orbit.
- p. mastoideus cavi tympani [TA] SYN: mastoid wall of tympanic cavity.
- p. medialis orbitae [TA] SYN: medial wall of orbit.
- p. membranaceus cavi tympani [TA] SYN: membranous wall of tympanic cavity.
- p. membranaceus tracheae [TA] SYN: membranous wall of trachea.
- p. posterior gastris [TA] SYN: posterior wall of stomach.
- p. posterior vaginae [TA] SYN: posterior wall of vagina.
- p. superior orbitae [TA] SYN: roof of orbit.
- p. tegmentalis cavi tympani [TA] SYN: tegmental wall of tympanic cavity.
- p. tympanicus ductus cochlearis [TA] SYN: tympanic surface of cochlear duct.
- p. vestibularis ductus cochlearis [TA] SYN: vestibular surface of cochlear duct.

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par·i·es 'par-ē-.ēz, 'per- n, pl pa·ri·etes pə-'rī-ə-.tēz the wall of a cavity or hollow organ usu. used in pl.

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n. (pl. parietes)
1. the enveloping or surrounding part of an organ or other structure.
2. the wall of a cavity.

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par·i·es (parґe-ēz) pl. pariґetes [L.] wall: in anatomy, the structure constituting one side of an organ or body cavity.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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