Forcible or irregular pulsation of the heart, perceptible to the patient, usually with an increase in frequency or force, with or without irregularity in rhythm. SYN: trepidatio cordis. [L. palpito, to throb]

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pal·pi·ta·tion .pal-pə-'tā-shən n a rapid pulsation esp an abnormally rapid beating of the heart when excited by violent exertion, strong emotion, or disease

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an awareness of the heartbeat. This is normal with fear, emotion, or exertion. It may also be a symptom of neurosis, arrhythmias, heart disease, and overactivity of the circulation (as in thyrotoxicosis).

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pal·pi·ta·tion (pal″pĭ-taґshən) [L. palpitare to move frequently and rapidly] a subjective sensation of an unduly rapid or irregular heart beat.

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