palmitoleic acid

palmitoleic acid
9-Hexadecenoic acid; a monounsaturated 16-carbon acid; one of the common constituents of the triacylglycerols of human adipose tissue. SYN: zoomaric acid.

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pal·mit·ole·ic acid .pal-mət-ō-.lē-ik-, .päm-ət- n a crystalline unsaturated fatty acid C16H30O2 occurring in the form of glycerides esp. in marine animal oils (as of cod, seals, and whales) and yielding palmitic acid on hydrogenation

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pal·mi·to·le·ic ac·id (pal″mĭ-to-leґik) a monounsaturated 16-carbon fatty acid occurring in many oils, particularly those derived from marine animals. See also table accompanying fatty acid.

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