Classically, one of a group of enzymes, now termed oxidoreductases (EC class 1), that bring about oxidation by the addition of oxygen to a metabolite or by the removal of hydrogen or of one or more electrons. O. is now used for those cases in which O2 acts as an acceptor (of H or of electrons); those removing hydrogen are now termed dehydrogenases. For individual oxidases, see the specific names.
- direct o. originally, an o. catalyzing the transfer of O2 directly to other bodies; now termed oxygenase.
- indirect o. originally, an o. that acts by reducing a peroxide; now termed peroxidase.
- terminal o. the last protein in the electron transport, respiratory chain. In mammals this is cytochrome c o..

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ox·i·dase 'äk-sə-.dās, -.dāz n any of various enzymes that catalyze oxidations esp one able to react directly with molecular oxygen

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ox·i·dase (okґsĭ-dās) a term used in the recommended names of some oxidoreductases to denote those in which molecular oxygen is the hydrogen acceptor.

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