: Healthy skin, bone, or other tissue taken from one part of the body to replace diseased or injured tissue removed from another part of the body. For example, skin grafts can be used to cover areas of skin that have been burned or surgically removed.
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1. Any tissue or organ for transplantation. 2. To transplant such structures. SEE ALSO: flap, implant, transplant. [A.S. graef]
- allogeneic g. SYN: allograft.
- animal g. SYN: zoograft.
- autogeneic g. SYN: autograft.
- autoplastic g. SYN: autograft.
- bone g. bone transplanted from a donor site to a recipient site, without anastomosis of nutrient vessels; bone can be transplanted within the same individual ( i.e., autogeneic g.) or between different individuals ( i.e., allogeneic g.). SEE ALSO: osteoplasty.
- chorioallantoic g. transplanting of living material to the chorioallantoic membrane of the embryonic chick.
- composite g. a g. composed of several tissues, such as skin and cartilage or a full-thickness segment of the ear.
- Davis g. “pinch grafts,” i.e., small pieces (2–3 mm) of full-thickness skin grafts.
- delayed g. delaying application of a skin g. for several days until recipient bed is clean or no longer bleeding.
- dermal g. a g. of dermis, made from skin by cutting away the epidermis.
- dermal-fat g. a dermal g. with attached subcutaneous fat.
- dowel g. in orthopedic surgery, a specific type of bone g. characterized by a circular shape usually obtained with special instruments used as a structural bone g. to obtain fusion between two adjacent vertebrae. SYN: dowel (4).
- fascia g. a g. of fibrous tissue, usually the fascia lata.
- fascicular g. a nerve g. in which each bundle of fibers is approximated and sutured separately.
- fat g. a free g. of fat.
- free g. a g. transplanted without its normal attachment (a pedicle) from one site to another.
- full-thickness g. a g. of the full thickness of mucosa and submucosa or of skin and subcutaneous tissue.
- funicular g. a nerve g. in which each funiculus (composed of two or more fasciculi) is approximated and sutured separately.
- H g. SYN: H shunt.
- heterotopic g. transplantation of a tissue or organ into a position it normally does not occupy.
- inlay g. a skin g. wrapped (raw side out) around a firm supporting material and inserted into a prepared surgical pocket. SYN: epithelial inlay.
- isogeneic g. SYN: syngraft.
- isologous g. SYN: syngraft.
- isoplastic g. SYN: syngraft.
- Krause g. a full-thickness skin g.. SYN: Krause-Wolfe g..
- Krause-Wolfe g. SYN: Krause g..
- mesh g. split-thickness g. incised with multiple staggered vertical cuts to allow expansion; used to cover problematic wounds or when donor skin is lacking.
- mucosal g. a g. of mucous membrane, usually the full thickness of the lining of the cheek or lower lip.
- nerve g. a nerve, or part of a nerve, used as a g..
- Ollier g. a thin split-thickness g.. SYN: Ollier-Thiersch g..
- Ollier-Thiersch g. SYN: Ollier g..
- onlay g. a bone g. applied on the outside of the recipient bone(s).
- orthotopic g. transplantation of a tissue or organ into its normal anatomic position.
- osteoperiosteal g. a g. of bone with its attached periosteum.
- partial-thickness g. SYN: split-thickness g..
- pedicle g. pedicle flap.
- periosteal g. a g. of periosteum.
- pinch g. old technique in which small bits of skin, of partial or full thickness, removed from a healthy area and seeded onto an open wound. SYN: Reverdin g..
- porcine g. a split-thickness g. from a pig, applied to a raw area on a human as a temporary dressing.
- primary skin g. a skin g. transferred immediately after the creation of a raw area.
- punch grafts small full-thickness grafts of the scalp, removed with a circular punch and transplanted to a bald area to grow hair.
- Reverdin g. SYN: pinch g..
- skin g. a piece of skin transplanted from one part of the body to another to cover a denuded area.
- sleeve g. a g. for repairing a severed nerve by connecting central and peripheral ends with a sleevelike structure, commonly, a segment of vein.
- split-skin g. SYN: split-thickness g..
- split-thickness g. a g. of the upper portions of the skin, i.e., the epidermis and part of the dermis, or of the mucosa and submucosa. SYN: partial-thickness g., split-skin g..
- Stent g. an inlay skin g., or a skin g. held in place by sutures tied over a conforming/immobilizing dressing.
- syngeneic g. SYN: syngraft.
- tendon g. a g. of tendon, as in tendon transplantation.
- Thiersch g. old term for split-thickness g., See Ollier-Thiersch g..
- Wolfe g. a full-thickness skin g. without subcutaneous fat. SYN: Wolfe-Krause g..
- Wolfe-Krause g. SYN: Wolfe g..
- zooplastic g. SYN: zoograft.

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graft 'graft vt to implant (living tissue) surgically <\grafted a new piece of artery into the ruptured portion of the old artery> vi to perform grafting
graft n
1) the act of grafting
2) something grafted specif living tissue used in grafting

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1. n. any organ, tissue, or object used for transplantation to replace a faulty part of the body. A skin graft is a piece of skin cut from a healthy part of the body and used to heal a damaged area of skin. A bone graft is healthy bone collected from the patient or from another person and used to fill a defect in a bone or as a stimulus to fracture healing. A healthy kidney removed from one person and transplanted to another individual is described as a kidney (or renal) graft. Corneal grafts are taken from a recently dead individual to repair corneal opacity (see keratoplasty). Diseased coronary arteries may be replaced by a coronary bypass graft. Artificial grafts are used to replace diseased peripheral arteries and heart valves.
2. vb. to transplant an organ or tissue. See also allograft, xenograft.

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(graft) 1. any tissue or organ for implantation or transplantation. 2. to implant or transplant such tissues. This term is preferred over transplant in the case of skin grafts. See also implant.

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