An apparatus for measuring oscillations of any kind, especially those of the bloodstream in sphygmometry. SEE ALSO: sphygmo- o.. [L. oscillo, to swing, + G. metron, measure]

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os·cil·lom·e·ter .äs-ə-'läm-ət-ər n an instrument for measuring the changes in pulsations in the arteries esp. of the extremities
os·cil·lo·met·ric .äs-ə-lō-'me-trik adj
os·cil·lom·e·try -'läm-ə-trē n, pl -tries

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os·cil·lom·e·ter (os″ĭ-lomґə-tər) [oscillo- + -meter] an instrument for measuring oscillations of any kind, such as changes in the volume of the arteries accompanying the heart beat. See also sphygmo-oscillometer. oscillometric adj

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