An external orthopaedic appliance, as a brace or splint, that prevents or assists movement of the spine or the limbs. [G. o., a making straight]
- ankle-foot o. an o. beginning at the toes, crossing the ankle, and terminating on the calf.
- cervical o. an o. designed to limit cervical spine motion to varying degrees, e.g., a soft cervical collar.
- cervicothoracic o. a device designed to limit cervical spine motion by extending to cover more of the upper torso than a standard cervical o..
- knee-ankle-foot o. an o. extending from the upper portion of the thigh, crossing the knee and ankle, and terminating at the toes; designed to control knee and ankle motion.
- thoracolumbosacral o. an external device applied to the trunk and extending from the upper portion of the thoracic spine to the pelvis; designed to provide immobilization of the thoracic spine.
- wrist-hand o. an o. that begins at the fingers, crosses the wrist, and terminates on the distal portion of the forearm; used to provided grasp and release despite some degree of hand paralysis.

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or·tho·sis ȯr-'thō-səs n, pl or·tho·ses -.sēz ORTHOTIC

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a surgical appliance that exerts external forces on part of the body to support joints or correct deformity.

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or·tho·sis (or-thoґsis) pl. orthoґses [Gr. orthōsis making straight] an orthopedic appliance or apparatus used to support, align, prevent, or correct deformities or to improve the function of movable parts of the body. See also brace and splint. orthotic adj

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