1. Resembling in superficial appearance or in structure any of the organs or glands of the body. 2. Composed of glandular or organic elements and not of a single tissue; pertaining to certain neoplasms ( e.g., an adenoma) that contain cytologic and histologic elements arranged in a pattern that closely resembles or is virtually identical to a normal organ. SEE ALSO: histoid. 3. SYN: organelle. [organo- + G. eidos, resemblance]

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or·gan·oid 'ȯr-gə-.nȯid adj resembling an organ in structural appearance or qualities used esp. of abnormal masses (as tumors)
organoid n
2) any of various minute organized body structures (as a nematocyst)

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or·ga·noid (orґgə-noid) [organ + -oid] 1. resembling an organ. 2. a structure which resembles an organ.

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