A protein found in wheat and some other grains, which is part of the wheat gluten. People with celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and related conditions may be sensitive to gliadin in the diet. In these conditions, antibodies to gliadin can often be detected in the blood.
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A class of protein, separable from wheat and rye glutens; a member of the prolamins (proline-rich proteins), which are insoluble in water, absolute alcohol, and neutral solvents, but soluble in 50–90% alcohol.

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gli·a·din 'glī-əd-ən n PROLAMIN esp one obtained by alcoholic extraction of gluten from wheat and rye

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a protein, soluble in alcohol, that is obtained from wheat. It is one of the constituents of gluten.

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gli·a·din (gliґə-din) [Gr. glia glue] a protein of the prolamin group, found in wheat and occurring in various forms (α-, β-, γ-, and ω-gliadins); it contains the toxic factor associated with celiac disease.

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