Any of a variety of peptides found in neural tissue; e.g., endorphins, enkephalins.
- n. Y a 36–amino acid peptide neurotransmitter found in the brain and autonomic nervous system. It augments the vasoconstrictor effects of noradrenergic neurons.

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neu·ro·pep·tide .n(y)u̇r-ə-'pep-.tīd n an endogenous peptide (as an endorphin or an enkephalin) that influences neural activity or functioning

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neu·ro·pep·tide (noor″o-pepґtīd) any of several types of molecules found in brain tissue, composed of short chains of amino acids; they include endorphins, enkephalins, vasopressin, and others. They are often localized in axon terminals at synapses and are classified as putative neurotransmitters, although some are also hormones.

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