1. Destruction of nerve tissue. 2. Freeing of a nerve from inflammatory adhesions. [neuro- + G. lysis, dissolution]

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neu·rol·y·sis n(y)u̇-'räl-ə-səs n, pl -y·ses -.sēz
1 a) the breaking down of nervous tissue (as from disease or injury)
b) destruction of nervous tissue (as by the use of chemicals or radio frequencies) to temporarily or permanently block nerve pathways esp. to relieve pain or spasticity <phenolic \neurolysis of the celiac plexus to treat intractable pancreatic cancer pain>
2) the surgical operation of freeing a nerve from perineural adhesions

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neu·rol·y·sis (n-rolґĭ-sis) [neuro- + lysis] 1. release of a nerve sheath by cutting it longitudinally. 2. the operative breaking up of perineural adhesions. 3. the relief of tension upon a nerve obtained by stretching. 4. destruction or dissolution of nerve tissue; sometimes done as a temporary or permanent measure for the relief of pain or spasticity. See also rhizotomy. Called also nerve block.

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