One of the paired, segmentally arranged excretory tubules of invertebrates such as the annelids. [G. nephros, kidney, + Mod. L. -idium, dim. suffix, fr. G. -idion]

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ne·phrid·i·um ni-'frid-ē-əm n, pl -ia -ē-ə an excretory organ that is characteristic of various coelomate invertebrates (as annelid worms, mollusks, brachiopods, and some arthropods), occurs paired in each body segment or as a single pair serving the whole body, typically consists of a tube opening at one end into the coelom and discharging at the other end on the exterior of the body, is often lengthened and convoluted, and has glandular walls
ne·phrid·i·al -ē-əl adj

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ne·phrid·i·um (nə-fridґe-əm) one of the segmentally arranged, paired, tubular excretory organs in invertebrates, analogous to the vertebrate kidney.

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