A stinging cell of coelenterates consisting of a poison sac and a coiled barbed sting capable of being ejected and penetrating the skin of an animal on contact; of considerable consequence in large jellyfish and in the Portuguese man-of-war whose large numbers of these stinging cells can cause great pain and even death. SYN: cnida, cnidocyst. [nemato- + G. kystis, bladder]

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nem·a·to·cyst 'nem-ət-ə-.sist, ni-'mat-ə- n one of the minute stinging organelles of various coelenterates called also stinging cell

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nem·a·to·cyst (nemґə-to-sist″) a minute stinging structure, found in the cnidoblasts of jellyfish and other coelenterates, used for anchorage, for defense, and for the capture of prey.

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