Flattened, medially placed tarsal bone, concave on its posterior surface to accommodate the head of the talus, and convex on its anterior surface to articulate with the three cuneiform bones. SYN: os naviculare [TA], central bone of ankle, n. (bone), os centrale tarsi. [L. navicularis, relating to shipping]

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na·vic·u·lar nə-'vik-yə-lər n a navicular bone:
a) the one of the seven tarsal bones of the human foot that is situated on the big-toe side between the talus and the cuneiform bones called also scaphoid
c) a small bone enclosed within the hoof of the horse behind the junction of the coffin bone and short pastern bone
navicular adj
1) resembling or having the shape of a boat <a \navicular bone>
2) of, relating to, or involving a navicular bone <\navicular fractures>

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na·vic·u·lar (nə-vikґu-lər) scaphoid.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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