: A flexible, lighted instrument that is put through the mouth and esophagus to view the stomach. Tissue from the stomach can be removed through the gastroscope.
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An endoscope for inspecting the interior of the stomach. [gastro- + G. skopeo, to examine]

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gas·tro·scope 'gas-trə-.skōp n an endoscope for inspecting the interior of the stomach
gas·tro·scop·ic .gas-trə-'skäp-ik adj
gas·tros·co·pist ga-'sträs-kə-pəst n
gas·tros·co·py -pē n, pl -pies

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an illuminated optical instrument used to inspect the interior of the stomach. For many years these were rigid or semirigid instruments affording only limited views, but modern fully flexible instruments, which transmit the image through a fibreoptic bundle or by a tiny video camera, allow all areas of the stomach to be seen and photographed and specimens taken for microscopic examination. Therapeutic procedures (e.g. to arrest haemorrhage, remove a polyp, or produce a gastrostomy) may be performed. As the same instruments can usually be introduced into the duodenum they are also known as gastroduodenoscopes or oesophagogastroduodenoscopes.

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gas·tro·scope (gasґtro-skōp) [gastro- + -scope] an endoscope for inspecting the interior of the stomach.

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