A class of fungi containing the slime molds, which occur on rotting vegetation but are not pathogenic for humans. [myxo- + G. mykes, fungus]

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Myxo·my·ce·tes -mī-'sēt-ēz n pl a class of organisms of uncertain systematic position that include the slime molds and are sometimes considered to be protozoans but are now usu. regarded as lower fungi or placed in a separate division and that exist vegetatively as complex mobile plasmodia, reproduce by means of spores which in almost all cases are borne in characteristic fruiting bodies, and have complex variable life cycles
myxo·my·ce·tous -'sēt-əs adj

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Myxo·my·ce·tes (mik″so-mi-seґtēz) [myxo- + Gr. mykēs fungus] the slime molds, a class of perfect fungi found on damp or rotting plant material; they are not pathogenic to humans. They were formerly thought to be groups of protozoa.

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