Absence or cessation of menstruation. Amenorrhea is conventionally divided into primary and secondary amenorrhea: {{}}Primary amenorrhea — menstruation never takes place. It fails to occur at puberty. Secondary amenorrhea — menstruation starts but then stops. The absence of menstruation during pregnancy is a form of physiologic secondary amenorrhea, physiologic in the sense that it is completely normal and is not caused by anything medically harmful (pathologic). Amenorrhea during lactation is another type of physiologic secondary amenorrhea. The word "amenorrhea" is compounded from three Greek roots "a-", no + "men", month + "rhoia", flow = no monthly flow. Amenorrhea is less commonly called amenia.
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Absence or abnormal cessation of the menses. [G. a- priv. + men, month, + rhoia, flow]
- dietary a. loss of menstrual function due to severe weight loss or gain.
- emotional a. a. caused by a strong emotional disturbance, e.g., fright, grief.
- exercise-induced a. temporary cessation of menstrual function due to strenuous, daily exercise, as in jogging, increased endorphins inhibiting hypothalamic function.
- hyperprolactinemic a. a. associated with abnormally high levels of serum prolactin; may be accompanied by unphysiological lactation.
- hypophysial a. a. due to inadequate gonadotrophic secretions by the anterior lobe of the hypophysis.
- hypothalamic a. secondary a. arising from defective hypothalamic stimulation of the anterior lobe of the pituitary.
- lactation a. physiological suppression of menses while nursing.
- ovarian a. a. due to deficiency of estrogenic hormone production by ovary. often referred to menopause if permanent.
- pathologic a. a. due to organic disease, either uterine or other, e.g., ovarian or pituitary failure.
- physiologic a. a. of pregnancy or the menopause, not associated with an organic disorder.
- postpartum a. permanent a. following childbirth resulting from Sheehan syndrome. See Sheehan syndrome.
- primary a. a. in which the menses have never occurred.
- secondary a. a. in which the menses appeared at puberty but subsequently ceased.
- traumatic a. absence of menses because of endometrial scarring or cervical stenosis resulting from injury or disease. SYN: Asherman syndrome.

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amen·or·rhea or chiefly Brit amen·or·rhoea .āə-'rē-ə, .äm-.en- n abnormal absence or suppression of menstruation see primary amenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea
amen·or·rhe·ic or chiefly Brit amen·or·rhoe·ic -'rē-ik adj

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amen·or·rhea (ə-men″o-reґə) [a-1 + menorrhea] absence or abnormal stoppage of the menses; called also amenia. amenorrheal adj

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