The largest family of Rodentia and of mammals, embracing the Old World mice and rats. [L. mus (mur-), a mouse]

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Mu·ri·dae 'myu̇r-ə-.dē n pl a very large family of relatively small rodents (superfamily Muroidea) that include various orig. Old World rodents (as the house mouse and the common rats) that are now cosmopolitan in distribution and that in recent classifications often include the cricetid rodents as a subfamily (Cricetinae)

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Mu·ri·dae (muґrĭ-de) a large family of rodents including many types of mice and rats, as well as gerbils, hamsters, and voles. Some are used as laboratory animals or pets and others are household pests and reservoirs of disease. Genera of medical or laboratory interest include Apodemus, Calomys, Clethrionomys, Cricetulus, Cricetus, Gerbillus, Mastomys, Mesocricetus, Microtus, Mus, Neotoma, Oryzomys, Peromyscus, Rattus, Rhombomys, and Sigmodon.

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