Latin word for the bottom. In medicine, fundus refers to the bottom or base of an organ. For example, the fundus of the eye (the retina), the fundus of the uterus, and so on. The fundus of the stomach is inexplicably the upper portion.
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The bottom or lowest part of a sac or hollow organ; that part farthest removed from the opening or exit; occasionally a broad cul-de-sac. [L. bottom]
- f. albipunctatus [MIM*136880] a nonprogressive disorder of the retinal pigment epithelium characterized by numerous discrete, white dots; night blindness is a feature; autosomal dominant and recessive forms have been suggested.
- f. of bladder [TA] the f. is formed by the posterior wall that is somewhat convex. SYN: f. vesicae urinariae [TA], bas-fond, base of bladder, f. of urinary bladder.
- f. diabeticus SYN: diabetic retinopathy.
- f. flavimaculatus [MIM*228980] a genetic disorder of the pigment epithelium of the retina manifested by yellowish white flecks; some loss of central vision is involved; probably autosomal recesssive.
- f. of gallbladder [TA] the wide closed end of the gallbladder situated at the inferior border of the liver. SYN: f. vesicae biliaris [TA], f. vesicae felleae.
- f. gastricus [TA] SYN: f. of stomach.
- f. of internal acoustic meatus [TA] lateral end of the internal acoustic meatus, the wall of which is formed by the thin cribriform plate of bone separating the cochlea and vestibule from the internal acoustic meatus; a transverse crest divides the f. into two regions; in the superior region are located the facial nerve area and the superior vestibular area; in the inferior region are located the cochlear area, inferior vestibular area, and singular foramen. SYN: f. meatus acustici interni [TA], f. of internal auditory meatus.
- leopard f. SYN: tessellated f..
- f. meatus acustici interni [TA] SYN: f. of internal acoustic meatus.
- mosaic f. SYN: tessellated f..
- f. oculi the portion of the interior of the eyeball around the posterior pole, visible through the ophthalmoscope. See eyegrounds.
- pepper and salt f. ophthalmoscopic appearance of the f. caused by choriocapillaris atrophy and pigment proliferation.
- f. polycythemicus the engorged, dilated veins, with cyanotic retina, occurring in erythremia.
- f. of stomach [TA] the portion of the stomach that lies above the cardiac notch. SYN: f. gastricus [TA], f. ventriculi, greater cul-de-sac.
- tessellated f. a normal f. to which a deeply pigmented choroid gives the appearance of dark polygonal areas between the choroidal vessels, especially in the periphery. SYN: f. tigré, leopard f., leopard retina, mosaic f., tigroid f., tigroid retina.
- f. tigré SYN: tessellated f..
- tigroid f. SYN: tessellated f..
- f. tympani SYN: jugular wall of middle ear.
- f. of urinary bladder SYN: f. of bladder.
- f. uteri [TA] SYN: f. of uterus.
- f. of uterus [TA] the upper rounded extremity of the uterus above the openings of the uterine (fallopian) tubes. SYN: f. uteri [TA].
- f. ventriculi SYN: f. of stomach.
- f. vesicae biliaris [TA] SYN: f. of gallbladder.
- f. vesicae felleae f. of gallbladder.
- f. vesicae urinariae [TA] SYN: f. of bladder.

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fun·dus 'fən-dəs n, pl fun·di -.dī, -.dē the bottom of or part opposite the aperture of the internal surface of a hollow organ: as
a) the greater curvature of the stomach
b) the lower back part of the bladder
c) the large upper end of the uterus
d) the part of the eye opposite the pupil

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1. the base of a hollow organ: the part farthest from the opening; e.g. the fundus of the stomach, bladder, or uterus.
2. the interior concavity forming the back of the eyeball, opposite the pupil. Fundus flavimaculatus is a hereditary disease of the retina in which white material is deposited in the fundus at the level of the retinal pigment epithelium (see retina). It usually causes loss of central vision, but good vision may persist into adulthood. Fundus albipunctatus is a hereditary disease in which the fundus shows widespread distribution of uniform-sized white dots, resulting in poor dark adaptation.

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fun·dus (funґdəs) gen. and pl. funґdus [L.] 1. the bottom or base of something. 2. the bottom or base of an organ, or the part of a hollow organ farthest from its mouth.

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