A tan or brown spot that develops on the skin after repeated exposure to sunlight. Freckles are most likely to develop in persons with fair complexions and red hair, occurring helter-skelter on the skin in flat,
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Yellowish or brownish macules developing on the exposed parts of the skin, especially in persons of light complexion; the lesions increase in number on exposure to the sun; the epidermis is microscopically normal except for increased melanin. SEE ALSO: lentigo. SYN: ephelis. [O. E. freken]
- Hutchinson f. SYN: lentigo maligna.
- iris freckles small, pigmented clusters of uveal melanocytes on the surface of the iris.
- melanotic f. SYN: lentigo maligna.

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freck·le 'frek-əl n any of the small brownish spots in the skin that are due to augmented melanin production and that increase in number and intensity on exposure to sunlight called also ephelis compare LENTIGO
freck·led -əld adj
freckle vt, freck·led; freck·ling 'frek-(ə-)liŋ to become marked with freckles

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a small brown spot on the skin commonly found on exposed areas of red-haired or blond people. Freckles, which are harmless, appear where there is excessive production of the pigment melanin without any increase in numbers of melanocytes after exposure to sunlight. Compare lentigo.

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freck·le (frekґəl) [Middle English frakel, frekel] 1. a benign, small, tan to brown macule occurring on sun-exposed skin; these are most common in children and tend to fade in adult life. Freckles resemble lentigines, but differ in not darkening after exposure to sunlight; also, freckles do not have increased numbers of melanocytes the way lentigines do. Called also ephelis. 2. to develop these macules on the skin.

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