Shaping by means of a mold.
- border m. the shaping of an impression material by the manipulation or action of the tissues adjacent to the borders of an impression. SYN: muscle-trimming, tissue m., tissue-trimming.
- compression m. 1. the act of pressing or squeezing together to form a shape in a mold; 2. the adaptation of a plastic material to the negative form of a split mold by pressure. SEE ALSO: injection m..
- injection m. the adaptation of a plastic material to the negative form of a closed mold by forcing the material into the mold through appropriate gateways. SEE ALSO: compression m. (2).
- tissue m. SYN: border m..

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mold·ing or chiefly Brit mould·ing 'mōl-diŋ n an act or process of molding specif the shaping of the fetal head to allow it to pass through the birth canal during parturition

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mold·ing (mōldґing) [L. modulus mold, form] 1. the creation of shape, or fashioning of an object. 2. the shaping of the fetal head in adjustment to the size and shape of the birth canal.

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