: A 37% aqueous (water) solution of formaldehyde, a pungent gas, with the chemical formula HCHO, used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and especially today as a fixative for histology (the study of tissues under the microscope).
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for·ma·lin 'fȯr-mə-lən, -.lēn n a clear aqueous solution of formaldehyde containing a small amount of methanol

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a solution containing 40% formaldehyde in water, used as a sterilizing agent and, in pathology, as a fixative. It is lethal to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores and is used to treat wools and hides to kill anthrax spores. Heating the solution produces the irritating vapour of formaldehyde, which is also used for disinfection.

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for·ma·lin (forґmə-lin) formaldehyde solution.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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