1. A white liquid, containing proteins, sugar, and lipids, secreted by the mammary glands, and designed for the nourishment of the young. SYN: lac (1). 2. Any whitish milky fluid; e.g., the juice of the coconut or a suspension of various metallic oxides. 3. A pharmacopeial preparation that is a suspension of insoluble drugs in a water medium; distinguished from gels mainly in that the suspended particles of m. are larger. 4. SYN: strip (1). [A.S. meolc]
- acidophilus m. m. inoculated with a culture of Bacillus acidophilus.
- m. of bismuth a suspension of bismuth hydroxide and bismuth subcarbonate in water; used in gastrointestinal disorders as a protective agent.
- buddeized m. Budde process.
- certified m. cow's m. that does not have more than the maximal permissible limit of 10,000 bacteria per ml at any time prior to delivery to the consumer, and that must be cooled to 10°C or less and maintained at that temperature until delivery.
- certified pasteurized m. cow's m. in which the maximum permissible limit for bacteria should not be more than 10,000 bacteria per ml before pasteurization and not more than 500 bacteria per ml after pasteurization; it must be cooled to 7.2°C or less and maintained at that temperature until delivery.
- condensed m. a thick liquid prepared by the partial evaporation of cow's m., with or without the addition of sugar.
- fortified m. m. to which some essential nutrient, usually vitamin D, has been added.
- fortified vitamin D m. m. produced through direct addition of vitamin D; standardized at 400 USP units per quart.
- irradiated vitamin D m. cow's m. exposed in a thin film to ultraviolet light and standardized to contain 400 USP units of vitamin D per quart.
- lactobacillary m. m. inoculated with a culture of Bacillus acidophilus, B. bulgaricus, or other lactic acid -forming microorganism.
- metabolized vitamin D m. m. produced by feeding irradiated yeast to cows; standardized to contain not less than 400 USP units per quart.
- modified m. cow's m. altered, by increasing the fat and reducing the amount of protein, to resemble human m. in composition.
- perhydrase m. m. treated by the addition of hydrogen peroxide. See Budde process.
- skim m., skimmed m. the aqueous (noncream) part of m. from which casein is isolated.
- m. of sulfur SYN: precipitated sulfur.
- vitamin D m. cow's m. to which vitamin D has been added, to contain 400 USP units of vitamin D per quart.
- witch's m. a secretion of colostrum-like m. sometimes occurring in the glands of newborn infants of either sex 3 to 4 days after birth and lasting a week or two; due to endocrine stimulation from the mother before birth.

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milk 'milk n
1) a fluid secreted by the mammary glands of females for the nourishment of their young esp cow's milk used as a food by humans
2) LACTATION (2) <cows in \milk>
milk vt
1 a) to draw milk from the breasts or udder of
b) to draw (milk) from the breast or udder
2) to induce (a snake) to eject venom vi to draw or yield milk

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the liquid food secreted by female mammals from the mammary gland. It is the sole source of food for the young of most mammals at the start of life. Milk is a complete food in that it has most of the nutrients necessary for life: protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, and vitamins. The composition of milk varies very much from mammal to mammal. Cows' milk contains nearly all the essential nutrients but is comparatively deficient in vitamins C and D. Human milk contains more sugar (lactose) and less protein than cows' milk.

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(milk) [L. lac] 1. the fluid secretion of the mammary gland forming the natural food of young mammals. 2. any whitish milklike substance, e.g., coconut milk or plant latex. 3. a liquid (emulsion or suspension) resembling the secretion of the mammary gland.

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