An order of the protozoan class Microsporea and phylum Microspora, characterized by minute spores with a single long, coiled, tubular filament enclosing the infective cell or sporoplasm. They are typically parasites of invertebrates and lower vertebrates, although fish and higher vertebrates (including man) have been infected. The order includes genera such as Encephalitozoon and Nosema. SYN: Cnidosporidia, Microsporasida.

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Mi·cro·spor·i·da (mi″kro-sporґĭ-də) [micro- + spore] an order of parasitic protozoa (class Microsporea, phylum Microspora), usually found in invertebrates such as arthropods; human infection occurs in immunocompromised persons. Organisms in this group tend toward maximum development and varied specialization of accessory spore organelles accompanied by a reduction of sporocysts. There are two suborders: Pansporoblastina and Apansporoblastina. Called also Cnidosporidia and Microsporidia.

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