1. One-millionth of a meter; formerly called micron. 2. A device for measuring various types of objects in an accurate and precise manner; in medicine and biology, the term is usually used with reference to a glass slide or lens that is accurately marked for measuring microscopic forms. [micro- + G. metron, measure]
- caliper m. a gauge with a calibrated m. screw for the measurement of thin objects such as microscope cover glasses and slides.
- filar m. an ocular m. with a line moved by a ruled drum such that a movement of the line of 5 μm or less may be made in relation to fixed parallel lines.
- ocular m. a glass disk that fits in a microscope eyepiece and that has a ruled scale; when calibrated with a slide m., direct measurements of a microscopic object can be made.
- slide m. a scale made on a microscope slide with lines ruled in divisions, usually, of 0.01 mm; typically used to calibrate an ocular m..

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mi·crom·e·ter mī-'kräm-ət-ər n an instrument used with a telescope or microscope for measuring minute distances
mi·cro·me·ter or chiefly Brit mi·cro·me·tre 'mī-krō-.mēt-ər n micron

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an instrument for making extremely fine measurements of thickness or length, often relying upon the movement of a screw thread and the principle of the vernier.

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mi·crom·e·ter (mi-kromґə-tər) [micro- + -meter] an instrument for measuring objects seen through the microscope.

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