A family of viruses that cause hemorrhagic fever and are transmitted by mosquitos and ticks. Flaviviruses have single-stranded RNA as their genetic material. The virus of yellow fever is a flavivirus.
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A family of enveloped single-stranded positive sense RNA viruses 40–60 mm in diameter formerly classified as the “group B” arboviruses, including yellow fever and dengue viruses; maintained in nature by transmission from arthropod vectors to vertebrate hosts.

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Fla·vi·vi·ri·dae .flā-vi-'vir-ə-.dē n pl a family of single-stranded RNA viruses that have a spherical virion with a capsid composed of a single protein and a lipid envelope containing two or three proteins and that include members of the genus Flavivirus transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes, the causative agents of bovine viral diarrhea and hog cholera transmitted by direct or indirect contact esp. with bodily secretions, and the causative agent of hepatitis C transmitted by contact with contaminated blood or blood products see pestivirus

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Fla·vi·vi·ri·dae (fla″vĭ-virґĭ-de) the flaviviruses: a family of RNA viruses having a virion 40–60 nm in diameter consisting of a lipid envelope, with fine peplomers, surrounding a spherical nucleocapsid. The genome consists of a single molecule of positive-sense single-stranded RNA (MW 4 Ч 106, size 9.5–12.5 kb). Viruses contain two or three major structural polypeptides and are sensitive to lipid solvents, detergents, ultraviolet radiation, and heat. Replication occurs in the cytoplasm and assembly is by budding through the plasma membrane. It includes the genera Flavivirus, Hepacivirus, and Pestivirus.

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