In dentistry, an alloy of mercury, silver, tin, etc. used in dental restorations.
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An alloy of an element or a metal with mercury. In dentistry, primarily of two types: silver-tin alloy, containing small amounts of copper, zinc and perhaps other metals, and a second type containing more copper (12 to 30% by weight); they are used for restoring teeth and making dies. [G. malagma, a soft mass]
- pin a. an a. restoration held in place largely by small metal rods protruding from holes drilled into tooth structure.
- spherical a. an alloy for dental a. composed of spherical particles instead of filings.

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amal·gam ə-'mal-gəm n an alloy of mercury with another metal that is solid or liquid at room temperature according to the proportion of mercury present and is used esp. in making tooth cements

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any of a group of alloys containing mercury. In dentistry amalgam fillings are made by mixing a silver-tin alloy with mercury in a machine known as an amalgamator.

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amal·gam (ə-malґgəm) [Gr. malagma poultice or soft mass] an alloy in which mercury is one of the components.

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