megestrol acetate

megestrol acetate
A synthetic progestin with progestational effects similar to those of progesterone; current uses include palliation in breast cancer and as an appetite stimulant in advanced malignancy.

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me·ges·trol acetate me-'jes-.trȯl- n a synthetic progestational hormone C24H32O4 used in palliative treatment of advanced carcinoma of the breast and in endometriosis

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me·ges·trol ac·e·tate (mə-jesґtrol) [USP] a synthetic progestational agent used as an antineoplastic in the palliative treatment of recurrent, inoperable, or metastatic carcinoma of the breast or endometrium and for the treatment of anorexia, cachexia, and significant weight loss in patients with cancer or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; administered orally.

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