1. A means; that through which an action is performed. 2. A substance through which impulses or impressions are transmitted. 3. SYN: culture m.. 4. The liquid holding a substance in solution or suspension. 5. Any of the substances in which a chromatographic or electrophoretic separation is effected. [L. neuter of medius, middle]
- Acanthamoeba m. nonnutrient agar plates with an E. coli overlay used to detect the presence of Acanthamoeba or Naegleria from tissue or soil samples.
- Balamuth aqueous egg yolk infusion m. used to detect the presence of intestinal amebae, primarily Entamoeba histolytica.
- Boeck and Drbohlav Locke-egg-serum m. m. of whole eggs, human serum, and rice powder used to detect the presence of intestinal amebae, primarily Entamoeba histolytica.
- clearing m. a m. used in histology for making specimens translucent or transparent.
- complete m. a m. for an in vitro culture that contains the supplemental nutrients as well as the basic nutrients to support fastidious or mutant growth requirements.
- contrast m. any internally administered substance that has a different opacity from soft tissue on radiography or computed tomography; includes barium, used to opacify parts of the gastrointestinal tract; water-soluble iodinated compounds, used to opacify blood vessel s or the genitourinary tract; may refer to air occurring naturally or introduced into the body; also, paramagnetic substances used in magnetic resonance imaging. SYN: contrast agent, contrast material.
- culture m. a substance, either solid or liquid, used for the cultivation, isolation, identification, or storage of microorganisms. SYN: growth m., m. (3), nutrient m..
- Czapek-Dox m. SYN: Czapek solution agar.
- Diamond TYM m. m. of trypticase, yeast extract, maltose, and serum used to detect the presence of Trichomonas vaginalis.
- dispersion m. SYN: external phase.
- Dorset culture egg m. a m. for cultivating Mycobacterium tuberculosis; it consists of the whites and yolks of four fresh eggs and a solution of sodium chloride.
- Eagle basal m. a solution of various salts containing 13 naturally occurring amino acid s, several vitamins, two antibiotics, and phenol red; used as a tissue culture m..
- Eagle minimum essential m. (MEM) a tissue culture m. similar to Eagle basal m. but with different amounts and a few exclusions ( e.g., antibiotics and phenol red).
- Endo m. SYN: Endo agar.
- external m. SYN: external phase.
- growth m. SYN: culture m..
- high osmolar contrast m. (HOCM) SYN: high osmolar contrast agent.
- Lash casein hydrolysate-serum m. used to detect the presence of Trichomonas vaginalis.
- Loeffler blood culture m. a culture m. consisting of beef blood serum, sheep blood serum, and beef bouillon containing peptone, glucose, and sodium chloride; used for the isolation of Corynebacterium diphtheriae.
- Lowenstein-Jensen m. SYN: Lowenstein-Jensen culture m..
- Lowenstein-Jensen culture m. primary mycobacterial recovery media composed of fresh whole eggs, defined salts, glycerol, potato flour, and malachite green (as an inhibitory agent). SYN: Lowenstein-Jensen m..
- low osmolar contrast m. (LOCM) SYN: low osmolar contrast agent.
- McCarey-Kaufmann media a culture solution used for storage of enucleated eyes for corneal transplantation.
- motility test m. a culture m. with a concentration of agar that produces a less solid consistency than usual and allows motile organisms to grow away from the line of inoculation; used to differentiate species of bacteria.
- mounting m. a substance, usually resinous, used for mounting a cover glass on histologic suspensions.
- Mueller-Hinton m. an agar-based m. composed of beef infusion, casamino acids, and starch; the recommended m. for antibacterial susceptibility tests for most common aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria.
- NNN m. agar slant overlaid with defibrinated rabbit blood used to detect the presence of leishmania or Trypanosoma cruzi.
- nutrient m. SYN: culture m..
- passive m. a m. that produces no change in the specimens placed in it.
- selective m. a culture m. containing ingredients that inhibit growth of contaminants or microorganisms other than that desired.
- separating m. 1. any coating which serves to prevent one surface from adhering to another; 2. in dentistry, a material usually applied to a cast to facilitate separation from the resin denture base after curing; a coating on impressions to facilitate removal of the cast.
- Simmons citrate m. a diagnostic m. used in the differentiation of species of Enterobacteriaceae, based on their ability to utilize sodium citrate as the sole source of carbon.
- support m. the material in which separation takes place, as in separation of components in electrophoresis.
- Thayer-Martin m. SYN: Thayer-Martin agar.
- transport m. a m. for transporting clinical specimens to the laboratory for examination.
- TY1-S-33 m. m. of biosate peptone, dextrose, vitamins, and bovine serum used to detect the presence of Entamoeba histolytica.
- TYSGM-9 m. m. of gastric mucin, nutrient broth, bovine serum, and rice starch used to detect the presence of Entamoeba histolytica.

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me·di·um 'mēd-ē-əm n, pl mediums or me·dia -ē-ə
1) a means of effecting or conveying something: as
a) a substance regarded as the means of transmission of a force or effect
b) a surrounding or enveloping substance
2) pl media
a) a nutrient system for the artificial cultivation of cells or organisms and esp. bacteria
b) a fluid or solid in which organic structures are placed (as for preservation or mounting)

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1. any substance, usually a broth, agar, or gelatin, used for the culture of microorganisms or tissue cells. An assay medium is used to determine the concentration of a growth factor or chemical by measuring the amount of growth it produces in a particular microorganism; all other nutrients are present in amounts adequate for growth.

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me·di·um (meґde-əm) pl. mediums, meґdia [L. “middle”] 1. a substance that transmits impulses. 2. culture medium, see under C. 3. a preparation used in treating histologic specimens.

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