1. Achievement of full development or growth. 2. Developmental changes that lead to maturity. 3. Processing of a macromolecule; e.g., posttranscriptional modification of RNA or posttranslational modification of proteins. 4. The overall process leading to the incorporation of a viral genome into a capsid and the development of a complete virion. [L. maturatio, a ripening, fr. maturus, ripe]

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mat·u·ra·tion .mach-ə-'rā-shən n
1 a) the process of becoming mature
b) the emergence of personal and behavioral characteristics through growth processes
c) the final stages of differentiation of cells, tissues, or organs
d) the achievement of intellectual or emotional maturity
2 a) the entire process by which diploid gamete-producing cells are transformed into haploid gametes that includes both meiosis and physiological and structural changes fitting the gamete for its future role
ma·tur·a·tive mə-'t(y)u̇r-ət-iv adj

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the process of attaining full development. The term is applied particularly to the development of mature germ cells (ova and sperm).

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mat·u·ra·tion (mach″u-raґshən) [L. maturatio; maturus ripe] 1. the stage or process of becoming mature or fully developed. 2. the attainment of emotional and intellectual maturity. 3. in biology, a process of cell division during which the number of chromosomes in the germ cells is reduced to one half the number characteristic of the species. 4. suppuration.

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