The hexahydric alcohol, widespread in plants, derived by reduction of fructose; used in renal function testing to measure glomerular filtration, and intravenously as an osmotic diuretic. SYN: manna sugar, mannite.
- m. hexanitrate an explosive compound formed by the nitration of m.; when diluted with carbohydrate substances (one part of m. hexanitrate to nine or more parts of carbohydrate) it is not explosive, and is used as a vasodilator and hypotensive agent; it is slower in action than nitroglycerin; acts via the formation of nitric oxide. SYN: nitromannitol.

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man·ni·tol 'man-ə-.tȯl, -.tōl n a slightly sweet crystalline alcohol C6H14O6 found in many plants and used esp. as a diuretic and in testing kidney function

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a diuretic administered by intravenous infusion to supplement other diuretics in the treatment of fluid retention (oedema), to relieve pressure in brain injuries, and also in the emergency treatment of glaucoma. Side-effects include fever and chills.

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man·ni·tol (manґĭ-tol) a 6-carbon sugar alcohol formed by reduction of mannose or fructose and widely distributed in plants and fungi. [USP] a pharmaceutical preparation of mannitol; an osmotic diuretic used to prevent and treat acute renal failure, to promote excretion of toxic substances, reducing their nephrotoxicity, and to reduce cerebral edema or elevated intracranial or intraocular pressure. Also used as an irrigating solution to prevent hemolysis during transurethral prostatic resection and other transurethral surgical procedures.

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