A planned movement or procedure. [Fr. manoeuvre, fr. L. manu operari, to work by hand]
- Adson m. SYN: Adson test.
- Barlow m. test for hip instability, with dislocation occurring with flexion, adduction, and posterior force. SYN: Barlow test.
- Bill m. forceps rotation of the fetal head at mid-pelvis before extraction of the head.
- Bracht m. delivery of a fetus in breech position by extension of the legs and trunk of the fetus over the symphysis pubis and abdomen of the mother; the fetal head is born spontaneously as the legs and trunk are lifted above the maternal pelvis, and as the body of the infant is extended by the operator.
- Buzzard m. testing the patellar reflex while the sitting patient makes firm pressure on the floor with the toes.
- Credé maneuvers SYN: Credé methods, under method.
- Dix-Hallpike m. test for eliciting paroxysmal vertigo and nystagmus in which the patient is brought from the sitting to the supine position with the head hanging over the examining table and turned to the right or left; vertigo and nystagmus are elicited when the head is rotated toward the affected ear.
- Ejrup m. demonstration of collateral circulation by reduction in the prominence of activity of the greater arteries and reduced pulse volume following muscular activity.
- Hampton m. rolling a supine patient to the right and then left side to obtain an air contrast radiograph of the contrast-coated antrum and duodenum in gastrointestinal fluoroscopy.
- Heimlich m. an action designed to expel an obstructing bolus of food from the throat by placing a fist on the abdomen between the navel and the costal margin, grasping the fist from behind with the other hand, and forcefully thrusting it inward and upward so as to force the diaphragm upward, forcing air up the trachea to dislodge the obstruction.
- Hillis-Müller m. manual pressure on the term fundus while a finger in the vagina determines the descent of the head into the pelvis.
- Hueter m. pressing the patient's tongue downward and forward with the left forefinger in passing a stomach tube.
- Jendrassik m. a method of emphasizing the patellar reflex : the subject hooks the hands together by the flexed fingers and pulls against them with all possible strength.
- LeCompte m. a repair of double outlet right ventricle with pulmonary stenosis and other abnormalities of ventricular arterial connection and ventricular septal defect in which the LV is connected to the aorta and the RV to the pulmonary artery using a technique that does not require an extracardiac conduit. SYN: LeCompte operation.
- Leopold maneuvers four maneuvers employed to determine fetal position : 1) determination of what is in the fundus; 2) evaluation of the fetal back and extremities; 3) palpation of the presenting part above the symphysis; 4) determination of the direction and degree of flexion of the head.
- load-and-shift m. a test of shoulder instability in which the humeral head is pushed against the glenoid and moved anteriorly and posteriorly.
- Mauriceau m. a method of assisted breech delivery in which the infant's body is astraddle the right forearm, and the middle finger of the right hand is in the fetal mouth to maintain flexion while traction is made upon the shoulders by the other hand. SYN: Mauriceau-Levret m..
- Mauriceau-Levret m. SYN: Mauriceau m..
- McDonald m. measurement of uterus from the upper border of the symphysis to a line tangential to the fundus over the abdomen with a tape to determine the height of the uterus; each centimeter approximately corresponds to the gestational age in weeks from 20–34 weeks' gestation.
- McRoberts m. m. to reduce a fetal shoulder dystocia by flexion of the maternal hips.
- Müller m. after a forced expiration, an attempt at inspiration is made with closed mouth and nose or closed glottis, whereby the negative pressure in the chest and lungs is made very subatmospheric; the reverse of Valsalva m..
- Ortolani m. a m. for reduction of hip dislocation, using thigh flexion and abduction with anterior movement of the femoral head; reduction is accompanied by palpable reseating of the femoral head in the acetabulum. SYN: Ortolani test.
- Phalen m. m. in which the wrist is maintained in volar flexion; paresthesia occurring in the distribution of the median nerve within 60 sec may be indicative of carpal tunnel syndrome.
- Pinard m. in management of a frank breech presentation, pressure on the popliteal space is made by the index finger while the other three fingers flex the leg while sliding it along the other thigh as the foot of the flexed leg is brought down and out.
- Ritgen m. delivery of a child's head by pressure on the perineum while controlling the speed of delivery by pressure with the other hand on the head.
- Scanzoni m. forceps rotation and traction in a spiral course, with reapplication of forceps for delivery.
- Sellick m. pressure applied to the cricoid cartilage, to prevent regurgitation during tracheal intubation in the anesthetized patient.
- Valsalva m. any forced expiratory effort (“strain”) against a closed airway, whether at the nose and mouth or at the glottis, the reverse of Müller m.; because high intrathoracic pressure impedes venous return to the right atrium, this m. is used to study cardiovascular effects of raised peripheral venous pressure and decreased cardiac filling and cardiac output, as well as post-strain responses.
- Wigand m. an assisted breech delivery with pressure above the symphysis while the fetus lies astraddle the operator's other arm.
- Zavanelli m. SYN: cephalic replacement.

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ma·neu·ver or chiefly Brit ma·noeu·vre mə-'n(y)ü-vər n
1) a movement, procedure, or method performed to achieve a desired result and esp. to restore a normal physiological state or to promote normal function <the simplest \maneuver to actuate the normal eustachian tube is to swallow (H. G. Armstrong)> see HEIMLICH MANEUVER, VALSALVA MANEUVER
2) a manipulation to accomplish a change of position specif rotational or other movement applied to a fetus within the uterus to alter its position and facilitate delivery see SCANZONI MANEUVER

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ma·neu·ver (mə-nooґvər) any dexterous procedure. See also entries under method, operation, procedure, surgery, and technique.

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