Hormonelike peptide, released by activated lymphocytes, that mediates immune response; a cytokine obtained from lymphocytes. [lymphocyte + G. kineo, to set in motion]

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lym·pho·kine 'lim(p)-fə-.kīn n any of various substances (as an interleukin) of low molecular weight that are not antibodies, are secreted by T cells in response to stimulation by antigens, and have a role (as the activation of macrophages or the enhancement or inhibition of antibody production) in cell-mediated immunity

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a substance produced by lymphocytes that has effects on other cells involved in the immune system (see cytokines). An example is interleukin 2 (IL-2).

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lym·pho·kine (limґfo-kīn) [lympho- + Gr. kinēsis movement] a soluble cytokine that mediates immune responses; it is not an antibody or a complement component and is released by sensitized lymphocytes on contact with antigen. Cf. monokine.

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