1. Pertaining to lymph. 2. A vascular channel that transports lymph. 3. Sometimes used to pertain to a sluggish or phlegmatic characteristic. SYN: vas lymphaticum. [L. lymphaticus, frenzied; Mod. L. use, of or for lymph]
- afferent l. a l. vessel entering, or bringing lymph to, a node. SYN: afferent vessel (3), vas lymphaticum afferens.
- efferent l. SYN: vas efferens (1).

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lym·phat·ic lim-'fat-ik adj
1 a) of, relating to, or produced by lymph, lymphoid tissue, or lymphocytes <\lymphatic nodules> <\lymphatic infiltration>
b) conveying lymph <a \lymphatic channel>
2) lacking physical or mental energy
lym·phat·i·cal·ly -i-k(ə-)lē adv
lymphatic n a vessel that contains or conveys lymph, that originates as an interfibrillar or intercellular cleft or space in a tissue or organ, and that if small has no distinct walls or walls composed only of endothelial cells and if large resembles a vein in structure called also lymphatic vessel, lymph vessel see THORACIC DUCT

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1. n. a lymphatic vessel. See lymphatic system.
2. adj. relating to or transporting lymph.

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lym·phat·ic (lim-fatґik) [L. lymphaticus] 1. pertaining to lymph or a lymph vessel. 2. a lymphatic vessel. 3. (pl.) the lymphatic system. 4. of a sluggish or phlegmatic temperament.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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