1. Incision into a lobe. 2. Division of one or more nerve tracts in a lobe of the cerebrum. [G. lobos, lobe, + tome, a cutting]
- prefrontal l. division of one or more nerve tracts in the prefrontal area of the brain for surgical treatment of pain and emotional disorder. SYN: prefrontal leukotomy.
- transorbital l. l. by an approach through the roof of the orbit, behind the frontal sinus. SYN: transorbital leukotomy.

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lo·bot·o·my lō-'bät-ə-mē n, pl -mies surgical severance of nerve fibers connecting the frontal lobes to the thalamus performed esp. formerly for the relief of some mental disorders called also leukotomy compare LOBECTOMY

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lo·bot·o·my (lo-botґə-me) incision into a lobe; in psychosurgery, surgical incision of all the fibers of a lobe of the brain.

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